Freedom Kayaks Ltd produces custom, British hand crafted wood composite kayaks and Greenland paddles.

Each of our kayaks and paddles use carefully selected products from trusted suppliers. We aim to construct each kayak and paddle to order allowing the customer to be involved in how their kayak or paddle is made, ensuring the end product is suitable for the customers needs. By operating in this way, it allows Freedom Kayaks Ltd to ensure that each kayak or paddle it manufactures is bespoke for the customer that it was made for.
Product Design
​Freedom Kayaks Ltd builds and works on new designs in collaboration with YAKAYAK. Being smaller companies we seek to do things our own way and create beautiful, high performing kayaks which are different from those produced by larger commercial companies.
Freedom Kayaks Ltd also produces Greenland paddles shaped entirely by hand. This allows the paddle to be crafted to the customers 'measurements' and shaped for the intended use. Paddles are constructed in a variety of woods depending again on the customers wishes. Paddles can then be finshed in numerous was including tipping with epoxy and fibreglass to ensure durability for all conditions and use. Full personalisation is available.

Product Development
​Our Kayaks and Paddles are used, tested and reviewed by kayak World Record holder Pete Bray who must be one of the worlds most experienced expedition sea kayakers. He is the author of two books detailing two of his sea kayak adventures: 'Kayak Crossing The Atlantic' and 'Seven Charts And A Road Map'.

Due to Pete's usage of our kayaks and paddles providing feedback to us, you can be confident that our kayaks and paddles are not only beautiful, but the performance is also first class.

Pete Bray runs PB Adventures which runs many sea and land based Adventures. Full details of Pete Bray and his company PB Adventures can be found via this link: